Mandruzzato was founded in 1956 on the island of Murano, Venice, Italy, by Luigi Mandruzzato.

In 1965 Luigi was joined by his son,Gianfranco Mandruzzato, who took over the running of the company two years later. At first the company made glass lighting fixtures, and then began producing ornaments, vases, ashtrays, etc. The firm is now run by Gianfranco’s son Alessandro Mandruzzato.

Founded in 1956 on the Venetian island of Murano, the Italian glass maker Luigi Mandruzzato began his glass making business specialising in decorative glass lighting fixtures. Over the next decade, the company began broadening their glass objects to incorporate vases, ornaments, ashtrays, and other glass art objects. In 1965 his son Gianfranco Mandruzzato joined the business, taking over the company two years later. Gianfranco’s involvement marked the family firm’s turn towards glass sculpting, which involved improving and refining engraving and polishing techniques, and led to the company modelling and completing pieces designed by artists such as Chagall, Ernst, and Picasso, for the Fucina degli Angeli. A family business to this day, Gianfranco’s son Alessandro Mandruzzato currently runs the business.
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