About Bambery

Justin Bambery is the owner & director of Bambery Trading Ltd and has the ‘Eye’ and the passion for creativity, Art & Design.

‘Restored with Respect’ ® (The company Registered trademark) this is a big focus on being respectful to the designers and manufacturers of all vintage furniture which has been restored to glory by our professionals in the Restoration, Upholstery, Framing, Lighting, construction and Electrical businesses.

Restoration can be as simple as light cleaning to remove disfiguring dirt or grime, such as on the surface of a painting, or it may include near complete rebuilding or replacement, as might be the case with old furniture. Often done in preparation for sale, or by a collector upon acquiring a new piece, the main goal of restoration is to “restore” the original appearance or functionality of a piece.

There is a lot of difference between restoring and repairing. Functionality may be achieved by a repair, but restoring an item properly is an art-form. Finishes might/may be stripped and redone, but it is essential that the original patination is retained, if possible. Stripping is only done as a last resort, especially with antique furniture.

At Bambery Trading we make sure the process of restoring an antique or work of art to a like-new condition or preserving an antique or work of art against further deterioration as in conservation. We enjoy the process of sourcing and restoring great vintage design.

We specialise in the care and replication of old techniques and materials and sometimes we like adding a modern touch or fabric if needed.

Restored with Respect ®